Wire Filament Brushes

wire filament brush

Our brushes utilize a wide range of bristle types and patterns to produce almost any distressed look.

 Our wire brushes can be filled with carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, or brass-coated carbon steel filaments.  They are be applied to the core in either dense wound or open wound patterns in smooth or rough trim finishes to structure both soft wood an hardwood product to any degree. Wire sizes are available ranging from fine .008″ to coarse .045″, to suit most any wood distressing application. Industrial Brush has over 35 years of experience working with coatings suppliers, OEM machine builders, and manufacturers of wood products alike.

Before & After

Shown below is a selection of example looks on wood and wood-substitute products that were created in the Industrial Brush in-house test lab. Our test lab is a vital tool available to our customers to find the correct brush and the optimal brush RPM, feed rate, and brush contact.

cedar before
cedar after


Working with Pine and Cedar using an open wound, soft wire brush followed by a a dense abrasive nylon brush is best to insure the structuring follows the natural grain in the wood.

pvc before
pvc after

PVC and Wood Composite

Having no grain structure to work with distressing these types of products requires a dense, aggressive wire brush with a rough trim to simulate a woodgrain pattern.

red oak before
red oak after


Working with Oak, Maple, Hickory and Cherry is trickier.  As a general rule the more grain structure there is in the wood the better it is suited to distressing.

white oak before
white oak after

Barn Siding

Rough sawn Siding is a look that is achievable with almost any type of wood.  It requires a very aggressive, dense  wire brush that is smooth trimmed and not denibbed with an abrasive nylon brush. 

Wire Brushes that Work Better and Last Longer

Core Designs

Our brushes are custom made for your application. Designs range from disposable quick-change sleeves to refillable stub-shaft cores. Core diameters range from 3″ up to 12″.

Wire Types

Stocked wire types include carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and brass coated carbon steel. We offer single strand and braided wire filaments.

Wire Sizes

Stocked wire sizes for wood distressing include: .012, .014, .016, .020, and  .025″. Smaller and larger gauges are available on request.


Wire Filament

Braided Wire Brush

Used for heavy distressing and structuring of hardwoods and composites. 

Dense Wire Brush White

Dense Wire Brush - "Smooth Trim"

Used for producing a rough sawn or barn siding look on any type of wood.

Open Wound Wire Brush White

Open Wire Brush - "Rough Trim"

Used for producing a natural distressed look on hard and soft wood.

Fineset Textile Sueding Brush Clear 1

Abrasive Brush

Used after wire brushing to De-fuzz and prepare the wood pores for finishing or for different looks. 

Double Banded Channel Winding System

Our wire brushes are made using double-banded channel (DBC) winding technology. Customers will receive a brush tailor-made to match their exact needs because our solutions optimize the core design, filament size and type, and pitch density. 

Brush density can be varied by changing the pitch of the spiral to be more open or bristle fill amount. Decreasing brush density is useful when more bristle flexibility is needed, or to more naturally follow the grain in softwood and hardwood structuring patterns. Stiffness is varied through filament type, diameter, and trim length. We can also vary the trim type on our wire brushes to be smooth-face or rough in order to accommodate the amount of randomness wanted in your distressed pattern.

brush winding

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