Industrial Brush has been important suppliers for Boa-Franc for over 30 Years. (since 1989) manufacturing for us brushes used in our application. They have supported our need including many new projects among all those years. We have purchased hundreds of brushes and have been continually happy with their service, responsiveness and support. I would recommend The Industrial Brush Company as a supplier.
Industrial Brush Company has become part of our family here at Lifetime Products. They stepped in and helped us find a solution for one of our new product ideas. They continue to deliver great solutions and offer sound advice on the products they provide. IBC helped us go from a few linear feet to hundreds of thousands of linear feet on our brushes. We enjoy the personal interaction we experience with the people that make up the Industrial Brush Family. Thank you for all you do.
We’ve worked with The Industrial Brush Company since 2015 and have found their service invaluable. They conduct tests on our products, recommend improvements, submit the quotes, and track deliveries. In essence, they work with us hand-in-glove for the best results. Industrial Brush associates are easy to contact, ready to help, and we wouldn’t want to use anybody else.
I have been in wood finishing for over 30 years and have worked with many different suppliers. Most of them come and go with price changes and quality issues. But I have never found another brush supplier that can match Industrial Brush Company’s price, quality and service. Everyone that I have talked to through the years at Industrial Brush have been helpful and friendly to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with brushes.

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