FDA Compliant Brushes

Our unique bristle bonding technology creates a safer brush that sheds less, making us a trusted partner to many in the food and drug processing industry. A complete line of FDA-compliant brushes is available to be custom-tailored for a wide range of pharmaceutical and food processing applications. Our FDA filament brushes are used to clean, level, meter, package, and process products with FDA requirements including foods, pharmaceuticals, and tooling. These different customer requirements can be targeted by changing bristle length, diameter, density, and even the brush pattern. Customers choose The Industrial Brush Company because our unique brush constructions, customizability, and expertise allow for higher throughput with longer brush life and less downtime. We make our brushes to work harder and last longer for you.

Food Brushes

Food Safe Nylon Brushes

Fineset brushes with FDA nylon are food safe and will perform more reliably than other brush types. Our brushes are used for fruit and vegetable processing, industrial baking, food seasoning, and the cleaning of tooling. Our food-safe brushes are trusted because, unlike cheaper brushes, the epoxy bond in a Fineset brush is strong enough that the bristle will fail before the brush winding does. The FDA epoxy used also helps to prevent bacteria growth in the brush and creates a protective layer over the core. This means that our customers can trust our product to perform more consistently without the worry of a catastrophic failure or contamination of their operation. Since no brush can be totally free of shedding, we offer FDA-compliant filament in multiple bright colors for visual detection or with additives for use with detection systems.

Pharmaceutical Brushes

FDA Compliant Brushes

Our FDA Fineset brushes are used to move, level, meter, and package capsules and pills in tablet counting, tablet feeding, and tablet inspection equipment and are also used to clean equipment. These brushes utilize FDA-compliant adhesive to bond individual strands of 6:12 nylon to an FDA-safe core. The adhesive forms a solid, non-porous base that rejects foreign contaminants. The epoxy base encapsulates the core to further protect the brush from damage or oxidation. This also helps to prevent bacteria buildup at the base of the bristle. The epoxy bond is stronger than nylon, meaning the bristle won’t release prematurely. Nylon is resistant to fatigue, meaning that brush life will be predictable and repeatable; a top priority for FDA brushes. Fineset winding allows for custom patterns to optimize performance and extends brush life. It also eliminates the openings seen at the base of most coil wound and staple set brushes. FDA-compliant filaments are available in multiple colors to allow for product-specific traceability and the use of brushes on different processing lines. 

Our FDA-complainant brushes work better and last longer

Brush Components

All the components used in our food and pharmaceutical brushes are FDA-compliant. They are designed for standard wash-down environments.

Filament Choices

FDA-compliant 6:12 nylon is available in a variety of bright colors or with additives for downstream detection. Available sizes range from .006″ to .060″ in diameter.

Core Designs

Our brushes can be made as disposable sleeves for quick and easy changes or as complete cores with stub shafts for a more robust and re-fillable brush.

Fineset Pill Leveling Brush 1

Leveling Sorting Packaging

Pills, Capsules and Hard Candies

Finset Anti Stat Brush Clear

Form Cleaning

Tacos and Fortune Cookie Shells

Textile Flock Brush Clear 1

Baking Pan Cleaning

Muffins, Cookies, Snack Cakes, Breads, Bagels 

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