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The Industrial Brush Company was founded in 1946 after founder William F. Enchelmaier had an idea for a better brush. William had fled Germany in the late 1930’s and began life in America as a machinist and began working in the brush industry, where he saw ways to innovate. After the War had ended, William had an opportunity to apply his ideas to a now booming manufacturing sector. William founded The Industrial Brush Company to begin making these revolutionary brushes in his two-car garage. The location has since changed, but our principles remain the same and we have been partnering with customers for over 75 years providing the best custom brush solutions in a wide range of industries.

The Industrial Brush Company is now located in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA, and we continue to manufacture our brushes from start to finish right here. We are still a family-owned company with the average employee tenure being 18 years.

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