Listed below are some questions that are frequently asked by users of our brushes.  The answers are general in nature and can vary depending on the specifics of the brush being used and the application being performed.

The useful life of any brush is greatly influenced by how it is used. All brushes perform better and last longer when set up using the tips of the bristles.  Over engaging the bristles will increase brush aggressiveness but reduce brush life. 

The cost of a brush is determined by the the size of the brush, the bristle type and the relative complexity of the core.  We make them from six inches wide to twenty feet wide. Narrower brushes are generally designed to be disposable and wider brushes are designed to be sent back for recover. 

Increasing brush pressure is not the way to make your brush more aggressive.  Increasing brush RPM is a better option.  The faster a brush runs the harder it works.  Slowing the surface speed of the product being brushes will also increase brush aggressiveness.  

Decreasing brush RPM is the the way to make your brush less aggressive.  The slower a brush runs the lower the friction coefficient producing less work on the surface being brushed.  Increasing the surface speed of the product being brushed will also make the brush less aggressive.

Brush contact varies with bristle type and the application.  A general rule of thumb is between 1/16" to 1/8" maximum contact.  Over engaging brushes beyond this amount will cause bristle fracture and significantly reduce the life of a brush.  Using an amp meter to gauge brush contact is a good practice.

A brush should be run only as fast as it needs to run to achieve the desired result.  Having RPM speed control between 150 and 800 is a good range. 

We only manufacture the brush.  We have relationships with OEM machine builder that use our brushes in every industry and in every price range.  We can provide a list of machine builders that we work with that can provide you with a turnkey solution.

We have engineering support on staff to help you.  With over 75 years of experience we can help you make a good choice on  the build or buy decision. 

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