Textile Processing

The Industrial Brush Company is a trusted supplier to customers in the textile industry because of our 75 years of testing and providing brush solutions to OEM’s and user alike. The knowledge gained means we can provide the best brush solution available as well as the valuable insight needed to optimize your results. A complete line of textile brushes can be custom-tailored to a wide range of applications including printing, flocking, carding, finishing, cleaning, and more. Through our ability to vary bristle type, density, stiffness, and pattern, our brushes provide increased output with less downtime. We make our brushes to work harder and last longer for you.   

Textile Printing

Tufted nylon brushes are the best choice for textile rotary screen-printing applications.  Cleanliness of the printing blanket is essential to producing a clear image on fabric. Our tufted spiral blanket-washing brushes achieve optimal performance through the added stiffness and scrubbing action of the bristle groups. The openness of the spiral design keeps the brush from loading up with ink and is easier to clean, reducing cycle downtime. The two-way spiral helps track the belt putting even tension across the printing blanket.        

Textile Flocking

Flocking of fabric is has been automated by combining our Fineset brushes with mechanical hoppers. Fineset spiral brushes are used to dispense and meter the flock material through screens. They are available in left hand spiral, right hand spiral and two-way spirals to suit your mechanical requirements. Fineset brushes are also made with anti-static nylon to remove excess flock and enhance the feel of the fabric after heat-setting.

Textile Carding

Card cleaning brushes are essential to the carding process in making most fabrics.  Our Fineset scavenger brush have been a revolutionary replacement for standard wire fillet brushes.  Bonding individual strands of nylon to the core provides uniform density, superior balance and even brush wear over the useful life of the brush. The costly process of wrapping wire fillet material on a core in-house is eliminated with Fineset brushes. As a result, customers get superior cleaning action, longer life, and reduced down time. 

Textile Finishing

Tufted cleaning brushes are used to remove lint and loose thread from all types of fabric. Brush stiffness can be changed to suit the needs of cleaning heavy weight greigh goods to light weight woven fabrics by changing filament length, bristle diameter and density. Applying the bristles to the core in Tufted spiral rows  produces a consistent, clean finish on all of your fabrics.  Tufted spiral brushes are also easier to clean in your machine reducing downtime.  

Fineset raising brushes are use to enhance the hand or the feel on a wide variety of fabrics.  They are also used in carpet shearing equipment to raise the pile just prior to cutting carpet fibers to length.  The uniform density of Fineset brushes produce streak free finishing performance with no loss of bristles.

Textile Sueding

Fineset Abrasive brushes produce a more consistent and precise suede finish. Our Fineset brush technology creates a brush that is more uniform and denser, which creates a finer suede pattern that is streak free. The Industrial Brush Company can provide the exact sueding brush you need through varying the grit and abrasive type along with the brush stiffness.  Available abrasives include silicon carbide, aluminum-oxide, and ceramic in grits ranging from 500 grit to 60. Tynex® abrasive nylon provides an advantage over sandpaper wrapped rollers because as the nylon filament wears, new grit is exposed. This means our brushes can remain in operation for longer, providing consistent quality with less downtime.  

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