Glass Washing

The Industrial Brush Company (IBC) is a trusted supplier to customers in the glass washing industry. A complete line of glass washing brushes for a wide range of domestic and foreign glass washing machines. Our glass washing brushes can also be custom-tailored to fit any machine for a variety of glass washing processes. Each brush is designed using our years of application experience and manufactured to provide superior, consistent washing performance with extended brush life. The average IBC glass washing brush pays for itself in under a year thanks to the increase in quality, performance, and brush life. When paired with our re-bristling and re-trimming services, the choice to use our brushes is as clear as the glass they wash.

Bristle Pattern

Fineset Glass Washing Brushes

Our Fineset bristle pattern mechanically bonds individual strands of 6:12 nylon to our metal core for maximum bristle retention. The bristles do not lean in a channel, allowing the bristles to truly move individually. This provides the softest, most uniform contact with your glass. Customers washing low-e and other soft coat glasses have reported increases in productivity and reduced rejects as a result of using our Fineset brushes. The full uniform density optimizes performance, extends life, and reduces contamination build up by eliminating openings that typical coil brushes and staple set brushes have.  If you are struggling with consistent washing performance or if you are having issues getting your glass clean  feel free to contact us.

Bristle Pattern

Tufted Glass Washing Brushes

Our Tufted bristle pattern mechanically bonds groups (called tufts) of 6:12 nylon in a staggered pattern to the brush core. Tufted brushes provide for a stiffer cleaning action that also provides a scrubbing function for more aggressive washing applications. The Tufted technology creates a uniform brush with significantly better bristle retention than Stapleset brushes. Our brushes perform better with more consistency thanks to the unique construction and design variability. Our customers receive a brush custom tailored to their application that works harder for longer.

Precision Cores

Each brush core is manufactured using stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon-fiber components depending on application requirements. Our materials are selected to combat the effects of corrosion and to maximize system efficiency. Our light-weight brush options are available for most popular domestic and foreign washers and are half the weight of coil brushes.  This puts less loads on motors and makes brushes changes quicker and easier.

Re-Bristle and Re-Trim Service

Our brush cores are designed to last for at least the life of your machine. Our cores can be stripped and re-bristled to their original configuration once they become excessively worn. Cores are carefully examined for shaft wear, core straightness, and balance. Repairs are made and new bristles are applied. Re-trim services are also available if uneven bristle wear appears. Both re-bristling and retrimming services are available to customers who have brushes made by The Industrial Brush Company. Taking advantage of these options results in considerable savings. Discounts are available to customers looking to switch to Industrial Brushes as well.

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