Wire Filament

Common Applications


  • High-temp environments
  • Bakery belts and forming belts


  • Wood structuring
  • Composite and metal graining


  • Tube end deburrig
  • Edge deburring
  • Gear deburring

Metal Finishing

  • Roll Mills for primary metals (copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel)
  • Metal surface prep (rust removal, slag removal deep scuffing)
Nylon Bristle Continuum Example

Material Highlights

  • Available in a wide variety of filament diameters and materials
    • Single strand diameters range from .004” (.1mm) to .025” (.65mm)
    • Braided wire strands average .075” (1.9mm)
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and brass-coated carbon steel
  • Stable brushing performance over the useful life of the brush
  • Individual wires prevent the brush from loading up with debris
  • Individual wires follow detailed profiles and allow for a finer brushing action
  • Various wire types allow for use in dry or wet environments with different chemicals
  • DBC brushes are denser with much stronger bristle retention than single band brushes

Wire brushes can be wound using our Double Band Channel (DBC) winding technologies. Wire filaments are the stiffest and hardest of the filament types offered.

Constructions are available in a variety of spirals, densities (in bristles per square inch), and bristle trim lengths.

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