Panel Cleaning Brushes

Finset Anti Stat Brush Clear

Our Panel Cleaning Brushes can clean almost any particulate from wood parts in any shape or size.

As a general rule there is a positive relationship between the particle size being removed from a part and the diameter of the filaments used in the brush.  Larger particulate, such as wood chips from drilling operations, are best cleaned with stiffer brushes.  Finer particulate, like dust from sealer sanding, are best removed with softer brushes. Understanding the correct combination of filament type and bristle pattern in relation to the shape of your part and what is being removed is critical. The Industrial Brush Company has spent over 35 years working with industry-leading customers to provide cleaning solutions for almost any part.

Before & After

Shown below are samples of some of the cleaning operations that our brushes have performed for customers. Examples range from the finest chalky-dust from sealer sanding, to the most stubborn caked-on mud. Our lab testing has provided valuable data to be able to give insight into the ideal operating parameters. Proper brush RPM, feed rate, and contact depth are just as critical to your success as using one of our tailor-made brushes. 

Muddy Board Before
Muddy Board After

Mud Coated Lumber

Cleaning heavy caked on contaminate like mud requires a stiff nylon brush in an open spiral pattern.  The nylon will not structure the wood and the spiral keeps the brush from loading up.

Panel Clean Sawdust Before
Panel Clean Sawdust After

Wood Chips from Machining

Cleaning wood chips and sawdust from machining operations requires a stiff brush in an open spiral pattern.  Anti static nylon will keep the brush from charging the part. 

Cleaning Brush 2 Before
Cleaning Brush 2 After

Veneered Formica

Cleaning medium size particles from  veneered plastics requires a soft nylon brush in a medium open or spiral pattern. Anti static filaments won’t scratch the surface or create static on the part.

Sealer Dust Before
Sealer Dust After

Fine Chalky Sealer Dust

Cleaning fine chalky dust from sealer sanding requires a fine anti static nylon or boars hair brush with split end fibers that act like a feather duster.

Cleaning Brushes that Work Better and Last Longer

Filament Choices

Brushes can be made in various bristle trim lengths using Anti-Static Nylon, Boars Hair, or Tampico. Specialty nylons are also available if needed.

Brush Patterns

Brushes can be made with uniform fill in different densities or as open spirals with the ability to modify the spiral pitch and number of rows of bristle in the spiral.  

Core Designs

Brushes can be made as disposable sleeves with quick change adapters or as complete cores for a more robust design that can be refilled.

The most effective panel cleaning brushes for wood finishing are made with our Fineset™ brush technology. Our unique winding allows the bristles to flex as individual filaments. This enhances the cleaning action even in detailed profiles and prevents the brush from loading up with contaminant.

Finset Anti Stat Brush Clear

Anti-Static Nylon Fineset
Medium-Dense Fill

Used to clean medium to heavy contaminants from flat parts.

Textile Flock Brush Clear 1

Anti-Static Nylon Fineset
Two-Row Spiral

Used to clean light to medium-heavy contaminants from irregular and contoured parts.

Fineset Boars Hair Stain Wiping Brush Clear

Boars Hair Fineset
Dense Fill

Used to clean fine or chalky dust off of flat parts. 

Fineset Tampico Stain Wiping Brush Clear

Tampico Fineset
Dense Fill

Used to clean flat parts where a mild abrasive is required to remove embedded particles.

Standard Bristle Options

.006" .010" .013" .016" .020" .026"
Anti-Static Nylon
Nylon (Standard)
Tampico Closest in stiffness to .012" nylon but has more variation due to it being a natural fiber.
Boars Hair The finest bristle we offer as standard, the ends split, providing a feather-dusting-like effect.
Specialty Filament Available on request if the application requires it.

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