Metal Finishing

The Industrial Brush Company is a trusted supplier to customers in the metal finishing industry because we believe providing valuable insight on how to use the brush is just as important as the brush itself. A complete line of metal finishing brushes is available to be custom-tailored to complement a variety of your processes. Our abrasive, wire and synthetic (plastics) filament brushes are used to clean, deburr, prep, and finish various metals. Different customer requirements can be targeted by changing the grit, bristle length, density and even the brush pattern. Customers choose The Industrial Brush Company because our unique brush constructions, customizability, and expertise allow for higher throughput with longer brush life and less downtime. We make our brushes to work harder and last longer for you .

Surface Graining & Sanding

Abrasive Metal Finishing

Tynex® Abrasive Nylon brushes are a versatile tool that can be used for surface prep and cleaning, light deburring, graining, and surface finishing. Tynex® abrasive nylon has abrasive media evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the bristle, unlike the surface coating of sandpaper. Tynex bristles flex individually, allowing for sanding of fine contours and multiple surface heights. Our brushes also prevent the loading and clogging that is seen with Scotch-Brite and sandpaper. The benefits of Tynex abrasive in our patented Fineset and Double Band Channel (DBC) winding systems mean your business spends less time and money changing out consumables and more time manufacturing product.

  • Abrasives available in Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, and Ceramic with grits ranging from 500 to 46.
  • Specialty abrasive nylons available upon request

Metal deburring

Wire Metal Finishing

Wire brushes wound with our Double Band Channel (DBC) technology are available for when you require heavier deburring and more aggressive surface finishing. A variety of wire types and sizes are available so the brush design can be optimized to your needs. DBC wire brushes offer the stiffness and aggression needed to effectively execute the task at hand. Unlike other tools that provide aggression through rigidity, the wire bristles offer more compliance, allowing for part size variability without jams. Wire brushes also do not load up and clog like other tools and don’t require dressing. Double Band construction secures wire filament more securely and offers greater bristle density than the cheaper single band or coil wound brushes. Density is a critical factor in the performance of a metal finishing brush; our brushes will provide you with better results and longer brush life.

  • Wire filaments are available in carbon and stainless steel, brass and brass coated carbon steel.
  • Filament diameters range from .006 to .025” and are also available in braided wire options.

Cleaning, Pickling, & Slag removal

Rolling Mill Brushes

Rolling mill brushes that are properly designed can be the difference in thousands of feet of processed material due to greater efficiencies and reduced tool changes. The Industrial Brush Company manufactures a complete line of rolling mill brushes used in the manufacturing process of primary metals. We manufacture scrubber brushes, scratch brushes, and cleaning line brushes with our Fineset™ and Double Band Channel (DBC) winding technologies. Our brushes are available for both wet and dry applications in metal casting, annealing, coating, galvanizing, painting, and tube deburring lines. Fineset brushes offer long life and streak free performance while remaining cool in dry environments. DBC brushes offer maximum brush density for added brush life with aggressive use, and can be made with flow through designs for internal water cooling. Our rolling mill brushes are custom designed to optimize the efficiency of your line.


Primary Functions for Metal Finishing Brushes

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