Stain Wiping Brushes

Fineset Boars Hair Bristle Magnification

We use a wide range of bristle types and configurations to best apply your stain.

The variety of coating systems and finishes for wood products are seemingly endless, and we provide brush solutions for almost any type. Brush solutions are available for solvent based, 100% solid, UV, European Oil Stains, and more. If you are struggling with uneven stain penetration, white pore, uncoated edges, or color control, our expert team can help. Industrial Brush has over 35 years of experience working with coating suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users to optimize stain wiping. Our brush designs are custom tailored for each stain type based on the performance requirements of our customers. In this case, we’re glad the results give us a stain-legacy!

Our Brushes in the Field

Stain Wiping Cup Brush In Use
Rotary Cup Brushing Machine 

Photo courtesy of Dubois Equipment Company

Stain Wiping Barrel Brush In Use
Tri-Mix Brushing Station

Photo courtesy of Dubois Equipment Company

Rotary Cup Nylon Brush

Rotary cup brushes are used to work the stain into the part in the cross-grain direction. Cross-grain brushing is essential for coating bevels on flooring and recesses in wire-brushed products. They can also help remove white pores on open-grain products.

Tufted Nylon Brush

Cylinder stain wiping brushes work with the direction of the wood grain in order to drive the stain into the wood pores. Our tufted brushes are used when better stain penetration is needed. Tufted brushes work by bonding bristles to the brush in groups, providing a stiffer brushing action that better drives in the stain.

Fineset Tampico Brush

A secondary function is to blend brush marks caused by the rotary cup brushes and to remove the excess stain from the surface of the wood. Fineset brushes provide a softer wiping action because the bristles are individually bonded to the brush. Natural Tampico fiber helps to absorb the excess stain.

Fineset Boars Hair Brush

If you require Super Absorbent Brushes we offer Boars Hair, Horse Hair, or "Tri-Mix" (a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers) to provide the softest wiping action in the industry when paired with our Fineset technology. These brushes are often used as the last brush in the stain-wiping process.

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