Tufted Winding System

The “Tufted” Winding System is our patented manufacturing process that chemically bonds groups of bristles to the core through the use of a metal punched winding system with adhesive. This allows the fibers to flex as groups of 50 bristles producing a heavy scrubbing action. The bristle density is also infinitely variable to produce brushes in a wide range of patterns:


  • Open DensityOpen Density
  • Medium DenseMedium Dense
  • DenseDense
  • Two Way SpiralTwo Way Spiral

Tufted brushes are available in Nylon, Antistatic Nylon, Tampico, Boars Hair and Specialty Bristle Nylon Mixtures.

If you think the Tufted Winding System suits your application requirements click on the link below to proceed further to view the different core options for your brush. Filling out one of these specification sheets will allow you to receive a timely quote.

If you are not sure what you need dial 800-241-9860 for assistance and an applications engineer will help you.

Internal Bearing Spec Sheet

Taper Lock Bushing Spec Sheet

Stub Shaft Spec Sheet

Solid Shaft Spec Sheet