PolyBrush™ Flexible Brushes

PolyBrush Bending

The brush of the future is here now.

PolyBrush was designed with the specific goal of providing a Brushlon alternative to customers who needed to replace their worn-out Brushlon mats. Polybrush is made to be the same height as Brushlon had been, making it so customers won’t have to modify machinery to install PolyBrush. 

Designed & Manufactured by OPT Industries, Inc.
Developed in Partnership with The Industrial Brush Company, Inc.

Gentle, Non-Marking Vibratory Conveying Brush Surface

PolyBrush is the ideal replaceable brush mat for linear vibratory conveying surfaces. Sheets can be easily cut to size, facilitating usage in a variety of machines, as well as quick spot-replacement as needed. The 20° brush mat is suitable for minimum back pressure accumulation, transport-conveyors, and for sound and force dampening.

Easy to Use

Easy To Cut


Easily cut panels to size with band saw, box cutter, or razor. Makesure bristles are facing down!
Easy To Secure Photo


PolyBrush panels can be secured with standard methods. We recommend using hook and loop tape for optimal performance.

Easy To Replace


Spot replace as needed without installing an entirely new panel.

Panel Size 6” W x 24” L x 0.25” H (0.19” trim) (trim length is similar to Brushlon 300 series height)
Weight Capacity Recommended to run parts weighing 40g (1.41 oz) or less.
Temperature Capacity PolyBrush should be kept below 55°C (131°F).
Solvents Avoid prolonged contact with organic solvents and oil-based liquids. We recommend only using water-based coolants.
Trim length comparable to 3M’s Brushlon 331B and 321B series brush mats.
Exacto Knife
Cuts cleanly without risk of layer separation due to single material construction
30% bio-based materials sourced from conifer trees
US Made

Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA

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