Back-up Brush Rollers


PolyBrush is the ideal replaceable brush mat to linear vibratory conveying surfaces, and a new alternative to 3M’s Brushlon 300 series brush mats.

Designed with the end user in mind, the PolyBrush is the result of The Industrial Brush Company’s expertise in the industrial brush industry and OPT’s design and production capabilities.

PolyBrush is manufactured by OPT Industries in Massachusetts and distributed globally by The Industrial Brush Company, Inc.

The PolyBrush will be available Q4 2022 and we’re accepting pre-orders.


Unique Features

Gentle and non-marking vibratory conveying brush surface.

Sheets can be easily cut to size to be used in a variety of machines, as well as easy spot-replacement as needed.

PolyBrush™ is easy to cut
PolyBrush™ is easy to cut
20° Brush Mat:
Good for minimum back pressure accumulation, transport-conveyors, and for sound and force dampening.

The angled polymer bristles are used to safely move a variety of parts with the least chance of damage to ensure parts never reverse direction.

Density has been optimized to ensure support for fragile pieces by holding them away from the conveyor.

Easy to Secure and Replace:
PolyBrush panels can be easily secured with standard methods. We recommend using hook and loop tape for optimal performance. Spot replace as needed without installing an entirely new panel.

PolyBrush™ is easy to secure
PolyBrush™ is easy to secure
PolyBrush™ is easy to replace
PolyBrush™ is easy to replace
Manufacturing Technology:
OPT’s patented additive manufacturing technology enables us to make each sheet of PolyBrush as a single part, so there’s never any separation between layers or assembly issues. Our polymer formulation is made up of over 30% bio-based materials, which are derived primarily from conifer trees.

Made in the USA with sustainability in mind.

User Guidelines

Polybrush Panel Size
6” W x 24” L x 3/16” trim
(trim length is equivalent to Brushlon 300 series height)

Weight Recommendation
Recommended to run parts weighing 40g (1.41 oz) or less.

Temperature Recommendation
PolyBrush should be kept below 55°C (131°F).

Avoid prolonged contact with organic solvents and oil-based liquids. We recommend only using water-based coolants.

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