Applications for Wire Strip Brushes:

Conveyor Cleaning - When faced with an unwanted contaminate that is stuck to a wire conveyor belt, many times even the stiffest nylon brush is not aggressive enough to clean the belt. Use of our "Double Backed" Wire Strip Brush in the correct stiffness, bristle density and trim length is the perfect solution to cleaning stuck on contaminates with out damaging the belt.

Oven Chain Cleaning - When face with cleaning unwanted contaminates from oven chains, a nylon brush is often eliminated due to temperature considerations. Use of our "Double Backed" Wire Brush in the stiffness, bristle density and trim length once again is the perfect solution to cleaning baked on contaminates when belt temperature is a factor.

Surface Conditioning Metal - When faced with conditioning the surface of a metal object, use of our "Double Backed" Wire Brush is the perfect solution. Whether you are lightly graining the surface of aluminum or performing heavy slag removal from steel products, selecting the correct wire type, density, and bristle length is the key to optimizing Wire Brush performance and life. We have the experience to help you design the right Wire Brush tool.

Surface Conditioning Wood/Wood Composites - Finishers of Hardwood and Softwood products such as kitchen cabinets, entry doors, exposed beams, moldings and flooring are looking to distress the surface of these products to achieve an antique look. The key to success is designing a Wire Brush that will distress the surface and follow the natural grain of the wood. We have designed a wide range of Wire Brush products to suit these requirements for most species of wood.

Extruders and manufacturers of Wood Composite (Plastic Wood) decking, railing, siding, fencing and window parts are using our "Double Backed" Wire Brushes to put a natural wood grain finish on their products. Our "Double Backed" Wire Brushes produce a random, nonskid, wood grain pattern that is superior to embossing.

Unique Features of our Double Backed
Channel Wire Brushes:

Mamimum Bristle Retention - At the heart of successfully captivating wire filaments is our "Double Backed" channel construction. The wires are uniformly fed on to a moving outer metal band. The outer band has individual teeth punched in it that impale the wires. The outer band is merged with an inner band that is formed to produce a continuous strip. Our "Double Backed" channel allows us to secure light gauge and heavy gauge wires in maximum densities. Long and short trim fiber lengths are an option without running the risk of losing wires.

Wire Bristle Option - All of our "Double Backed" wire brushes are made with crimped filaments. The crimping process gives the individual wires a spring like effect that reduces bristle fracture. We stock Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Brass Coated Carbon Steel in a wide range of sizes. We can aid you in selecting the appropriate material to suit your requirements.

Bristle Configurations:

Dense Pattern - By winding the channel in a "Close Wound" pattern, maximum density is achieved. This pattern is best suited for aggressive brushing applications of a flat material. "Close Wound" brushes yield even bristle contact with maximum brush life. Contaminate build up can be a problem with this pattern.

Open Pattern - By varying the pitch of the channel in an "Open Wound" pattern, an infinite number of brush densities can be achieved. "Open Wound" patterns are best suited to less aggressive applications of irregular or more fragile surfaces. "Open Wound" brushes are also suited to applications where brush contamination is a factor.

Core Options:

Refillable Stub Shaft - These designs are best suited to applications that require wide brush widths and high RPM's. The Stub shafts are shrunk fit into a heavy wall tube. These units can be sent back to us for re-trimming or recovering. (Integral Core Design)

Refillable Brush Sleeve - These designs are best suited to applications that require a quick change alternative. The Wire Brush Sleeve mounts to your existing drive shaft using taper lock bushing or adapter bushings. These units can also be sent back for re-trimming or recovering.
(Permanent Arbor Assembly)

Disposable Brush Sleeve - These designs are best suited to narrow applications and situations where brush life is short. Brushes are supplied with reusable inserts that adapt units to Metric and English drive spindles.
(Disposable Sleeve Compression Design)

All designs are balance at your operating speeds to insure vibration less, chatter free performance.

Testing Facilities:

If you are not sure of the proper wire type, bristle length, pattern, or brush speed required for your Wire Brush application, send us samples and we will test brush your product in our lab. This is the most cost effective means of optimizing the performance of our "Double Backed" channel Wire Brushes. We look forward to your challenge!

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Wire Strip Brushing

The Industrial Brush Company offers a complete line of "Double Backed" channel Wire Brushes used for a wide range of applications that require aggressive brushing. Our Wire Brushes are manufactured in continuous form and are then wound on to a metal core to create a Cylinder Brush. Users of our products have reported improvements in brush life as a result of using our "Double Backed" channel construction compared to standard "Single Band" technologies.


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